1_Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis - early detection and successful treatment

Learn more about what happens in your body when you have MS, how the MS diagnosis is made and how early MS treatment can have a positive influence on your life quality.

2_Staying active with multiple sclerosis

Staying active with multiple sclerosis – Leisure time, sport and travel

This brochure provides you with important information about leisure time, sport and travelling with MS.

3_Living with multiple sclerosis

Living with multiple sclerosis – Relationships, family and planning for children

The purpose of this brochure is to encourage you to deal constructively with issues like relationships, family, friendships, communication, sexuality and family planning.

4_Healthy nutrition with multiple sclerosis

Healthy nutrition with multiple sclerosis

This brochure helps you to develop a healthy diet that will have a positive influence on your physical comfort.

5_Cognition and multiple sclerosis

Cognition and multiple sclerosis – Thinking, understanding and acting

Find out more about the brain, cognitive disorders and protecting the brain as MS progresses.

6_Support for multiple sclerosis

Support for multiple sclerosis – Legal issues and social services

This brochure offers an initial orientation to aspects of social law that can often seem confusing at first.

7_Thoughts on commitment

Thoughts on commitment... to treatment

Have you ever thought about what the word "commitment" means to you in your day-today life with MS? This brochure helps you to reflect about this.